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Ok guys, time for some real-talk: ever since I watched (and wrote about) Halo at the X-Games this winter, I’ve become a bit of an eSports junkie. I’m also an unabashed Rocket League fan. So when development studio Psyonix announced a partnership this morning with Twitch to launch the new Rocket League Championship Series, I may have freaked out a bit.


It’s pretty unlikely that anyone reading this hasn’t heard of Rocket League yet, but if you haven’t tried it yourself, it’s absolutely worth a go. An infectiously joyful and addictive game full of competitive depth, it’s accessible to beginners and experts alike. In fact, the competitive scene has been thriving fairly well on its own, and I can only imagine how much more it’ll expand now that this series has been announced.

The series will feature a 3-month long season with two online qualifying tournaments. It will conclude with a live, international event, all of which will be supported and broadcast by Twitch, of course. The grand prize currently sits at $55,000, which is admittedly quite low compared to bigger eSports, but I expect that to grow significantly if this initial launch is successful.


You can read about it more from the official Rocket League eSports announcement page here.

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